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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A little respec and DK hits 60!!!!

And greets to everyone once more! Another day done as monday is in the belt and matince tuesday hits like a ton of...ummm we have to go back to real life for how long with out WoW...LOL seriously thou what a wonderfull day of Death Knight fun! First I did a bit of a respec curve to make my Death Knight a better tanker and so far that has worked out wonderfully!!! Not only can I handle my self much better in a large big fight but I'm getting much more comfertable with my talents and spells/abblites! As I told you yesterday I worked on moving my deathknight upto level 60, i'm happy to say I did it, a bit quicker then I acutally thought witch was wonderfull. I even as you can see from the screenies headed to the Dark Portal and now officaly started in outland with my DK(Death Knight).

Also my DK hit another achivement as you can see, master first aid witch is very very sweeeet! With my death knight doing so well not only in the leveling department but also the aution house department I may work some of my alchemy tommroow after the maitance we will have to see, I want to work on my main and level her up as shes lagged a bit behind. I'm happy to say my lovley fiance has hit 57!!! And i'm so proud of how shes doing, she also got her death knight to level 60 and if you can tell or not she rode into the dark portal with me into outland! Tommorow has a lot of RL stuff on the plate, but also some non-WoW related stuff (I know heart attack!) i'm going to look into doing some wacraft 3 modding during the downtime. All this lore and content makes me hungrey to do some war 3 stuff just cause I know how to mod it well!

As for my WoW addons there on hold for the moment, i'm still looking forward to getting back to them just for now there put on a back burner till I can focus more on everything, hopefully this weekend or friday I can get back to work seriously on MatTrack! We will have to see. Sides that the biggest thing on the agend charchter wise is leveling my main, at least 1 level maybe more if I can. I doubt i'll run all the way to 60 but i'd like to get her as close if not there asap as possible just to keep up with incoming guild raids/instances that we will be doing more of. Besides that its more deathknight or an alt really to play and i'm definlty have a lot of fun with WoW. Got my beatifull fiance to play with as I have for quite a while, and now good wonderfull WoW freinds to play with as well, and I feel like i'm finnaly geting to the point I should of been years and years ago!

So untill tommrow i'll leave you all with this wonderfull gryphon ride shot of the outland skyline! Rember bookmark, make your favroties, link it, comment it, whatever! And let me know your out there!!!!

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