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Saturday, November 8, 2008

A long day....Wait what about yesterday?

Well hello everyone, first my aplogies about no post yesterday I was so tired okay make that exhausted last night that I crashed early and didnt get up till a decent hour (about 9am) so I didnt make a blog post, but I have plenty for you today, first I spent most of yesterday since there was no mains due to RL reasons, running my warlock on WoW and i'm happy to report not only is he expert first aid now as you can see in the screenshot but he ran through dead mines and is now level 18 and should be level 20 tommrow and you can bet i'll have a screenie of that to show you all.

As for the mains we got back to it today taking a bit of a break from the heavy level grind to finsh a few quests and run the instance of Zul'Frak. It gave my fiance a good chance to try out her new moonkin form, it also gave us a pretty good challange esppicaly with the one that i didnt mange to get screenies of, we died to him 3 times before we finnaly took him down, hes little basslik like freinds were a pain! We still had fun and a great time and got all the quests done none the less and even have good experince to show for it, nearly an entire levels worth! More then even I expected!

Some of the great moments I did mange to get screenies of, the beetles were a lot of fun, not really hard but A LOT of them! As you can see in these screenies we just had to much fun with them, then we fought some zombies and then danced to celebrate, then met up with some freinds inside and took down a looooooooong stream of badies as you can see from shot it got really intense then finnaly while finshing a quest chain the stemmed from it we got lucky and fell off a clif and not only didnt die, but got an achivement, needless to say our mains had a good full day and we felt proud of ourselves!

So whats next up with only 4 days till WoLK? Well more leveling mains for course, with priorty of leveling my warlock to level 20 and yes i'm even starting on a new addon for wow. Its called MatTrack and its going to be heavily based on the old Inventory Hawk that is no longer being updated/used. So stay tuned for that! As for new outside of WoW relation, found a wonderfull Q&A article about the upcoming Sims 3 that i'm looking forward too. It looks like it will be a lot of fun, as for modding potentional it seems a lot will be able to do inside, just how much or powerfull still remains to be seen.

Also for thoese of you who dont know I do have mods avalible at the wonderfull modthesims2 website that can be found here, so if your a sims 2 fan and want some great mods check mine and the site out! I'm hoping to update my WoW signature that you always see just bellow the blog posts soon, still waiting on an update to the software for that so stay tunned for that! Of course lots more tommrow, right now its about time to hit the pillow so I can start early and mod, level and well level some more! Thanks see you tommrow!

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