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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

WoW Servers Gone Fishing....and lone mains...

Greets once again everyone, back again as promissed after a RL eventfull day. Foruntly or unfourntly depending on how you look at it, the WoW servers were as the name suggests and as my pic shows, gone fishing! Extnded mataince of course happend today but when the servers came back up in the game mail system wasnt working at all, everything was being lost! So servers were brought down, and not brought back up untill nearly 6 to 7+ hours latters. Now needless to say mannnnnny people were upset about this. However my faince and I took it in stride, granted were WoW junkies, but we had RL important matters to worry about so it acutally helped to let us focus on it.

Once the dust settled and the smoke cleared the servers came back up without a hitch once again, and as you can plainly see in these screenies my lovely fiance and I have taken our partying leveling up ways to bed. Yes were soloing now, this gives us both better freedom. I've been with my lovely fiance since she started wow, i was nearly 20 whole level ahead of her for it, but acutally walked her through evreything to let her learn about WoW and make sure her choice of a druid is what she wanted. She was hooked nad i'm happy to say learned very fast.

Playing togetehr with out mains made sense and was a ton of fun but now that were 50+ its not very efficent or reliable as our goals for this mid game could be diffrent. Case in point my lovely fiance has already joined a new guild witch I encoruged for her because it fit with what she wanted and needed. I'm looking at guilds that I think could be potential but i'm not comming to any guild untill i'm at the very least level 55. This has also allowed us to level and move at our own pace and best of all if one of the other dosnt feel like playing main or rl comes up or we just are not awake it dosnt matter now.

And the best part is were still there for each other if need be, we can still group for certian things and of course since we'll be in familer areas we can help each other out if needed. But as you can clearly see from these screen my faince in all her balance druid glory can very easily handle herself! And i've never been prouder!!! As for our levels if you curious and keeping track my lovely fiance did hit level 53 as did I in fact you can clearly see from the last screen i have easily made an entire level in a very short amount of time.We spent most of our small time togetehr thou not acutally parited otgetehr in western plaugelands witch is a wonderfull treat, it can seem intemdiating but thats the point. The last part of the night i made my way back un'gro crater to try and finsh off some quests and even do some hunting for leatehrworking, but alas i'm too tried and its late so i'm calling it a night and will get back to it tommrow.

And yes tommrow is the big day as WoLK will launch at midnight edt(eastern daylight time) and heres hoping the servers dont die! LOL as for us will we be there that looks pretty much impossible right now, unforuntly RL has reared its head and prevented it for now, but we will catch up you can bet on it so look out cause we will be there! and as such on our deathknights we will play and party together and that will be an absloute blast! As for the addon front, i havnt done any work on it because of the various server problems of course and of course rl issues.

I will get back to work on it in erneast i'm figuring this weekend is the best bet let the dust settle from WoLK release first. So whats on the WoW agenda tommrow more mains! at least mine anyway, i want to keep levling and getting up there as well as push my leatherwoking up and of course my fishing could use a little work so stayed tuned for all that! And remeber let me hear your comments nad spread the word love to know your out there reading!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Zand its Arg, how ya been? Patch was a bitch huh? I'm 78 should be 79 in a few days we should party up and run something man. Anyway message me on myspace or something or send me a whisper in game.