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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Busy day and BRS conquered!!!!

And hello to everyone once more, so its about the end of the month and we have hit the all important raid day once more. Thanks to the dillagance of our guild leader we were able to do lower and upper blackrock spire. But more on that in a bit, first I started out with finshing off my mage, witch I did! Got her to level 20, as well as getting her herblisam upto expert, her inscription is close just 3 points short so hopefully very soon. After the wonderfull upgrading nad traning and telport learning that came with my level 20, I moved on to my hunter and worked on her cooking witch needed a lot of attention. Happy to say it went well and good and as you can see got it upto journyman. After the grinding of my mage I wasnt in a horrible grinding mood most of the day so I ended up doing something i've wanted to for quite a while.

Ever since BG's (battlegrounds) came out i've been dying to try out playing alterc valley. And I finnaly did of course but I did it on my deathknight and OMG! What a ball I had, not only did we have fun (thou we lost all 3 times...well the first we crashed it lol and I mean we as in the other players in the BG) but I was doing very well and getting achviments left and right I got most of thoese screen caps you can see here. I did have to turn down some settings for the BG, as that many players nad spells and everything was just hurting my fps(frames per second) way too much, witch is no huge deal. I ended up spending most of the rest of the afternoon early eveing just playing in BGs till I had enough and it was close to raid time anyway.

Raid time of course came, and I was raid leader once more of course. So we started off doing LBRS(lower blackrock spire) again first to allow some others with us to get there quests and achivments and of course for the loot. That went very well and easy, our gulild leader didnt even die from falling! LOL!!! But seriously it was a ton of fun just the first half, we did very well. After the first half we moved to the second, after figuring out how to finsh the key and open the door, we then took a good break, our DK member had to go, but we gained quite a few more memebrs who came on late. Also my lovley fiance decided to switch to her hunter shes been working on so much these past few days. Shes been doing awsome and i'm so very proud of her.

Once we were all ready we moved in, and damn what a ball we had! New to us all, but never the less a blast! We had a few deaths here and there but nothing major, and tranquility saved us at least twice! LOL!!! But wow what a blast to go through I was so very very impressed by how well everyone worked togetehr and pulling, we of course had a ton of hunters but it worked out so well DPS(damage per second) wise! Even our lower leves didnt have to many problems, all in all everyone had a blast of a time thou we were exhausted when it was all over, and most importantly a lot of people got a lot of good stuff out of it. Guild wide, and people wide, weather it was quests, items, leather etc. it was a very very succesfull raid and they made my job look easy as a healer and a raid leader and I want to give my WOOT WOOT out to every single one of them, great job!
So thats pretty much it for the day a very eventfull and long day but well worth it, i'm soooo ready to crash and start fresh tommrow. Plans are to go ahead and start levling my main again, as I need to keep up on it and because well I do want too lol. Of course my other alts are still up to be worked on as well, the first probley being my death knight, who needs her alchmey worked on and some level ups, shes got hella rested xp to use. But any case we will see you tomorrow, and again my aplogies for now beauty shot, but theres plenty of good pics for you all enjoy till tomorrow.

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