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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Whoa hes back...and with video??!!

Heyaz everyone, yes i'm back been on a bit of a break again as well as moving onto the realm of some oblivion modding once again. More on that in a bit, first I have a special treat, i've gotten fraps dled and all setup and doing some pratice fimling in WoW with it, i'm still getting the kinks out particualry with the sound setup a bit. My pc can be a bit of a pain in that area, so you can check that all out i'll have more for you tommrow that will be much shorter i belive as i'm going to try a diffrent format and let you all decide witch you prefer so stick around for that. First a big huge congrats to my loving fiance who reach level 65 tonight! And also made grand master in her professions, so woot woot!

So yes i've kicked up oblivion once again, thou it dosnt preform at its best with this onboard video its decent enough for modding, so i'm hoping to have more of that for you all to see maybe even some video, speaking of, I took some video of me questing early this afternoon, i've set it up to be in 8 parts on you tube and of course you can see it all right here so take a look give me your feedback and comments and such, tommroow i'll have a new post and vid as well that will be a diffrent format/take and i'll see witch everyone likes better from there.

Besides that not to much to report, getting back to WoW and working on my main again for the new few days is to be expected I have a lot of catching up to do. So heres a nice little beatiy shot of the outland sky for you all. Make sure you check out the vids for more and check back tommrow! Lates.

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