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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

WoW Obsidan Sanctum & Addon Special Part 7 & 8!


Greets once again to everyone, its been a little bit I know, RL is doing its thing but I have defintly not been idle for you guys, oh no and not even a holiday can slow this man down LOL! Seriously thou, first good news for the LP fans, all problems with TFTD has been worked out and you can expect new footage from that LP around the end of the week! I'll spare you the details of what I did (you dont want to know LMAO) but needless to say its done. But lets get to the main event here, RAID VIDS!! Yes as promissed there here!!!

(Addon 7)

First up is Obsidan Sanctum or OS as its commonly refered to, you can find this lovely 10-man (normal)/25-man (Heroric) instance in Dragonblight directly under the Wyrmrest temple. This was our first major 10 man our fairly new casual raiding guild got to dive into it. Witch is good for a few reasons, its not to complicated its basicly a huge giant cave with a horseshoe shaped rise around the middle area where the main boss is. Pretty straight forward. A good starting Raid for Northrend esppicaly for under-geared just learning causal raiding guild ;)

(Addon 8)

So how did we do, take a look at the vid for yourself and see :) keep in mind you will notice theres some resoultion changes, none of this footage thats complied here happend in just one day (as most all raids go!) so this was inbetween my operating system change. I also have here the next two parts of the addon special. Definlty a big deal here esppicaly in part 7, as it covers Auctioneer and now were starting to get to the lower addons I use, you may noticed through-out these addon videos I have some mods changing (like my minimap for example) this is important with 3.2 probley only a month or so away i'm trying to get rid of the oldest UI mods that I can, so i'll keep you updated to that.

Also my list for my UI will be updated here very soon as I finsh filtering through addons with more specific links and of course EVERYTHING thats been covered in the addon videos thus far even if there not on that list right now. (Woot I just made more work for myself LOL) Lastly I want to say HEY to all my fellow guild mates checking out my blog again or for the first time, and encoruge anyone curious about our guild theres a wonderfull link to the guild website just to your right there. And finnaly my wonderfull Paladin alt has made it to level 20 (WOOT!) and i've added a new armory link for her to the right as well.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and esppicaly your votes on this new layout, there is still some time to cast your vote so please do so. Dont forget to comment and of course subscribe here or my youtube channel (BOTH :P) And definlty more to come as I begin my NAX series of videos, so you dont want to miss that, and of course the TFTD LP, and more addon special parts, so much more to come as always. Leaving you all here with a great beatuy shot of our guild in NAX chilling for a moment as I feel a little heavy from a dino behind me...hmmm LOL. Enjoy! Till next time!

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