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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rolling out More LP's And A New WoW Poll!!

(TFTD LP - Part 105)

Hello everyone its thrusday and were back once again with another update of course. Even more LP's of TFTD and MM9. We got 2 new vids up for TFTD for you all to enjoy, i'm happy to say that were over the 100 episode/part mark on that LP witch is crazy but really awsome thank you so much for your continued support! And were now hiting wow over part 30 on the MM9 vids with 4 new ones up as well! Wow thats just zooming! Thanks so much for you enthusiam and comments and views and of course subscriptions on both LPs!!! You can of course see the first of the latest new LP's above and bellow as well.

(MM9 LP - Part 29)

I also have a new WoW related poll for you all, no this is my gaming blog and its about my gaming experinces, mods, lps etc. everything Quickshot14 related to gaming. But as most of you know my wife plays and raids as well. Now due to us sharing a computer we have spilt up guild raid days and right now when the guild runs Uldar raids its on the day she raids. So to help get that footage she thought it might be an idea to fraps or capture her, but as I said this is a gmaing blog about me and its not my toon its my wife. And thought I think i'll stick with that we both thought it be a good idea to get all your input so for the next two weeks i'm going to have a poll up asking just that.

Please mark your vote, and who knows if enough people want to see it, then you just may see my wifes WoW toon in a vblog sometime, the choice really is up to all of you. Theres no wrong anwser here we hoenslty just want your input on it. Thats really all for today, much more coming with school done for the week I can play again, course more LP's, more WoW vblogs so stick around! Untill next time.

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