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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

WoW Nax: Plague Quarter & More LPs!!!

(LP MM9 - Part 27)

Hello again everyone, been a little bit I know. We didnt even make are schedule post on Sunday and I aplogize for that but well things happen. But no worries i'm back with much much more goodness today! Yes its that time again, another WoW Raid vids are up! More Nax, this time the wonderfull Plague Quarter!! As well as more MM9 LP's (2 total) and a lot more TFTD LP's (7 total) for you all to check out, you can see the first of the latest of each respectivily above and bellow this paragraph. So a bit of a hitaus but I have not been idle of course, oh no not me!!!

(LP TFTD - Part 98)

So what do we have, a lot of LPing was done over the weekend, as I was planing on a posting Sunday but it just fell apart. RL is well, RL. No worries its allowed me to get more done including more raid footage witch is good cause our guild has officaly cleared 10-man Nax! Yes we downed Kel'thuzad this past saturday and you can bet Igot all of it on film. So definlty stay tuned to the WoW vblog, to see all that. Speaking of the WoW vblog (ahh segways) We have three parts up for you on the Plague quarter. A lot of goodness here, the fights in Plague quarter arn't really that hard there just well take some tweaking to get used to. So check it out bellow.

(Plague Part 1)

In the LP world I have a lot of TFTD for you all today and not so much MM9, I know but time is what time is. Dont worry much more MM9 LP coming your way this thursday thats a promiss ;) And yes I know still no new WoW addon specials. I'm a little disapointed with myself here, cause I keep telling myself to at least get the raw footage and somehow someway I just mange to put it off. Well it will be done, I have neglected it long enough so it will be up. When I dont want to place another maybe date and come up short cause of school so for now I wont it will be up before the next raid vids, period. My aplogies to everyone on this.

(Plague Part 2)

Also the poll has closed, not a huge amount of votes but thank you for your opinon non-the less. I want to continue to thank everyones support and continued dedication and sometimes pataince with me and my vblogs and LP's. I hope you all continue to enjoy them as much as I enjoy putting them together for you all. If anyone has any suggestions of things to do for the vblog, specials, Lp's and so on, please by all means let me know, email me, comment, send a private message in youtube whatever. I have already gotten a few and I want to thank you for your support and ideas I love to here them all!

(Plague Part 3)

I'm hoping to do some more work on the blog and my youtube homepage and try to 'sync' them a bit better. I want to remind everyone that all updates will always be posted here. I dont want to flood my own youtube channel with my news comments when I have my own blog page. So please if your subscribed on my youtube page, subscribe here or at least bookmark it to get the latest. On the youtube front i'm going to start putting togetehr a few more playlists for the vblogs, the new ones and some of the old ones so there a little easier to find. Thats really all I have for now. As always, keep spreading the word and thank you, untill Thrusday!

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Blade Fanny said...

These videos are great and i love your style, you inspired me to do a whole series on Guild wars and I hope you continue these wow video blogs as in my opionion your the best.