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Thursday, July 16, 2009

More MM9 LP & TFTD LP! More About revised blog...

(MM9 LP-Part 11)

Greets again everyone! Quickshot back again as promised with almost everything I was hoping to get. Unforuntly the WoW addon vids didnt quite make it today, i'll see about getting them up this weekend, but lots more LP's for you all! 4 new parts for the brand new Might and Magic IX(9) LP! Its getting a great reception so far witch is great to see. And also a lot more Xcom Terror From the Deep LP's up as well! (7 new parts to be exact!) So defintly want to check thoese all out. Of course leave your comments and subscribe to my youtube channel as well to see them as soon as they get posted!!

X-COM:TFTD LP - Part 82

But hang on, hold up here dont run away just yet! As you may have noticed the blog has been changing, first the layout, the background and now i'm acutally posting about my LP's? Well yes, and technicaly thats what this blog has always been for. As is my youtube channel an extension of my blog. So yes EVEN my LP's count and I noticed I was posting more and more news about my LP's in my channel comments or even my vblog posts. So it makes more sense to me and probley everyone else that they should be posted and informed here! So from now on, you will find updates and info about ANYTHING posted on my youtube page. Including my LP's. I like this idea because this blog was never meant to be about JUST WoW. Its my gaming blog, and thats what the youtube page is about, and anything i'm doing with gaming.

So my blog will cover everything as much as possible, even if it isnt a vblog we all know on youtube though there still there and although now there just WoW that will not always be the case ethier. I belive this is good for everyone because it keep you up to date in what i'm doing in the world of gamin period. So I encoruge everyone whos subscribed to my youtube page to subscribe or at least bookmark to my blog page as well. Because this is where the news will be, anything new coming out, even if its not video related maybe a mod, anything its going to show up here! So remeber that!

As this comes more into focus the blog will expand with that of course, more links, information and lots more as it relates to me Quickshot14 and gaming. So sit back enjoy and tell me how you feel, comment, and oh look a poll ;P So vote! Thanks untill next time!

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