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Sunday, July 19, 2009


(XCOM TFTD-LP Part 89)

Hello again everyone, I acutally made it this sunday! Woot and I got a lot more LP goodness for everyone, some more TFTD LP's are up (about 4 in total) and some major MM9 LP's are up as well (A Whoping 7 Total!) so you definlty will want to check thoese all out. You vblog WoW fans dont fret there will be updates for you this coming tuesday with another nax raid vblog and at least 1 if not 2 new parts to the WoW addon special. So dont feel to left out. Of course tuesday will also see a few more LP's parts go up.

(MM9-LP Part 15)

Of course the first of the latest new uploads is right on this page embeded for you, the rest is of course on my youtube page. And yes your not seeing things, i'm updating far more often, i'm building my self a schedule and oppurunites to play, record and upload. Witch for the LP's is very simple to do, as they dont require as much 'encoding' work as the vblogs do. (thats why they get updated more often!) But as you can see i'm working on setting up a set sechedule of updates, and it looks like its shaping up to be every Tuesday, Thrusday and Sunday of a week. Baring any changes to my RL sechedule i'm pretty sure this update pattern will hold.

So what does this mean, its means we should have at the very least a blog update on these days, this will of course help you all know when to check if for whatever reason you dont wish to subscribe (why not sub its easy!) Of course there will be days when things get a bit off, such is life (such is college life ;P) but at least this way we all have a fairly set schedule. So what will be updated on these days. Any LP should be on these days, there far to easy to do and encode so I can continue to update them reguarly. Tuesday and Thrusday I belive are the magic days for WoW vblogs, it gives me time to encode and set them up, and if I miss it on tuesday I can always hit it up on thursday.

Well thats all for now, still a poll up about the re-focus of the blog, let me know what you all think, and untill Tuesday!

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