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Thursday, July 23, 2009

More MM9 & TFTD!!!

(TFTD LP - Part 95)

Hello everyone and welcome to thrusday! Another update as pormissed woot this is going good! We have new LP updates for everyone, more TFTD (3 total) and many MM9's up for you as well (5 total) as you can see the first of the newest above and bellow of course. Again no WoW addon vids and i'm so sorry. I'll try to get it up this sunday to make it up to everyone of you wow viewers. Good news though, we have downed the death knight quarter! Witch means all 4 quarters of nax is cleared and on film so defintly stay tunned for all that!

(MM9 LP - Part 22)

This is good, next tuesday should be the plauge quarter and the week after that the death knight quarter. Theres a good chance we could clear nax totaly this week! If so you can bet i'll get it recorded so I can show you all! As for the LP department i've given you all pretty much whats left of my footage so I have a lot more recording of thoese to do tonight. This should give me a bit of a reprive with school over for this week. So as I said more LP's comin sunday and i'm going to try my darndest to get up thoese next WoW addon vids for you all as well!

I know our beatuy shots have been lacking latley i've been working on collecting more and i'm starting to get there, hopefully starting next week i'll have regular beatuy shots for you all to see and enjoy of hopefully more then just WoW! I'm happy to see more votes coming in on the poll, there is one up and still a few days to vote so please do so, another poll will be comin in sunday that you dont want to miss so make sure you vote on that when it comes up! As always thanks for your wonderfull comments and encorugments and please continue to do so! Thats all for now so untill sunday! Subscribe, spread the word and oh yeah vote ;)

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