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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

WoW Naxaramass Raid Vblog & TFTD & MM9!!

(Nax 1-Raid)

Greets all and welcome back first up for you all as you can see is more raid goodness this time the first of Nax! This is the total arachnid quarter and its bosses so check it out and see how we did it! (This is of course 10 man raid content!) Also you may have read MM9 thats no lie but its important to note i'm not bloging MM9 anymore, thats right its an LP! A new lets play of MM9 is up for you to enjoy from the very begining, so if you enjoyed the vblog I hope you enjoy the LP just as much.

(MM9 LP - Part 1)

And of course for you TFTD fans I have new LP's for you all 6 total today, you can check them out, if you havnt watched the ever growing and many views of the TFTD LP check out this awsome game! I know its odd to see LP's in the blog but with the new format of the blog/youtube page i'm going to start keeping updates going for all things me on the blog, this even means the LP so from now on, I will be doing blog posts even if its just LP related or vblog related so make sure you check here (that means subscribe/bookmark!!! :P)

(TFTD LP - Part 1)

No beatuy shot this time my aplogies I will try to get them of not only WoW but of the LP's as well! Much much more is on the way I have ton of saved footage and I mean TONS! So dont fret hopefully more TFTD LP's, and MM9 LP's and some more WoW addon specials by this thrusday so stay tuned!!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey its Arg Great Video of Naxx, I was excited to see it. Can't wait for more. Good Job.