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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

WoW Level 77-80!! And a little layout work/poll...

Greets again all! Its finnaly here!! The epic one part, lol, from level 77 to 80!!! Yes its only one part, told you I wasnt kiding about the very little footage I acutally have of progression from level 77-80, as I said in my previous posts/vblogs this is pretty much a look at the daily works I did, and yes i pretty much leveled from dailies namely argent tournment dailies. And with 3.2 on the horizion i'm so glad I took the time because the tourny is going to be key! So if your progressing and you hit 77 and you have the gold, make sure to get cold weather flying so you can get right on the torunmeant goodness!

Also as you may have noticed i've been working and switching up on the blogs layout a bit, i would love to hear your feedback so I also have a poll up so please cast your vote! No new addon parts just yet but dont fret there coming, RL is about to heat up as I begin college, so time will be a factor, but theres plenty of goodness to go around! For my LP fans for your patince as I work on getting TFTD back up and going on the puter again I have taken what little footage I had left and manged to cram to parts and thats up for you all on the youtube channel. Theres a lot of WoW still to come of course!!

Besides the addon special, theres a bunch of raiding and some heroric raw footage just siting on my hard drive dying to be shown! So you can expect that as well, and as for people who follow my vblog for WoW for quests and the like, dont fret I havnt even thought about droping them and we will get back to questing in Grizzly Hills here soon, this also means you could be seeing more of my alts as well in vblogs! So defintly this is exciting so definlty want to stay tunned!!!

Things are looking good and exciting, thou I have to be honest my normal posting of things may be slowed down for RL reasons (college now remeber ;P) but I will do the best I can to get things up and for you all to see ASAP! For the beauty shot for you all today I have a nice shot of me flying through crystal song, I hope you enjoy it! And stay tuned for thoese addon special parts!!!!

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