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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

WoW Naxxarams Construct Quarter, and TFTD

(TFTD LP Part 93)

Hello again everyone, back once again with more updates. Not exactly all I hoped for but still sucess none the less, we do have a good WoW vblog update with more raid info, this time its still nax of course but its the Construct quarter! 3 parts you defintly dont want to miss out on as you can see bellow. Also I did manage to get 2 LP's encoded before I ran out of time (been one of those start of weeks ;P) of TFTD for you all to enjoy as well as you can see above (2 total).

(Nax:Construct Part-1)

I was hoping to get some addon parts up as well but it just didnt happen today, my sleeping scehdule got a bit messed up so i'm a little off on my timing and I pretty much just got the last two parts of the construct quarter done with just a bit of time to encode the TFTD lp for you all today. No need to fret thou, thrusday isnt so far and I know i'll have more for you all then, addon special included is my hope and much more MM9 and TFTD LP's of course as well! I aplogize to wow vblog fans if it seems like they dont get many updates, I want to remind everyone that vblog always takes longer to do/encode then the LP's because of its nature (effects, overlays etc.) that lps dont. LP's are basicly raw clips as there recorder where as the vblogs are more editing for focus of content.

(Nax:Construct Part-2)

In ethier case i'm happy to se everyone enjoying as well as still finding my youtube channel and my blog and hope they continue to do so and spread the word. Comments are so welcome and appricated and I read ALL of them, and try to respond to them as much as I can. Its awsome to see this continue to expand, grow and evolve and I hope you all enjoy it. You are what makes this fun to do, not just view and subscribes but your insight and comments is what drives me to keep going and keep you all as updated as possible!

(Nax:Construct Part-3)

And I hope to continue it this way, so once again thank you everyone its amazing! So whats new on the WoW front, 3.2 around the corner and whats this...Royal Pain the guild i'm raiding with is starting to venture into Ulduar! Yes we did last night my wife healing for flame levaithan witch they one shotted, woot! For XT-20000 she had to goto bed but I was up so I manged to lend a hand and after a few wipes we downed him! And you better belive I got that on film! So theres still so much to come in the raid area alone. But thats not all for WoW oh no, besides the addon special we still have my alts of course! I will begin to cover them off and on soon after 3.2 patch is live and gtg!

And of course theres always a lot more LP's of MM9 and TFTD but what else? Well only time will tell, stayed tuned, enjoy subscribe and of course spread the word but most importantly, thank you!

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