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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Recovery...some Might & Magic 9 Goodness and Some WoW.

(Part 1)

Greets to everyone, first my aplogies for the lack of updates over the weekend. For thoese following my video blogs as you might of heard on them I was catching a minor cold witch unfournlty got a hold of my sinius and pretty much put me out of commision till late sunday night early monday. As much as I tried to play and do anything, WoW related or otherwise I just didnt mange to get it done. So my aplogies for that. I feel much better now and I did get some playing done as part of my last leg of recovery I played some Might & Magic 9(IX) an old school first person fantasy-party RPG. Thanks to some encourgment from RPGenie's videos on you tube of his gameplay and the finding of a 3rd party un-offical patch mod that helps the game run a bit better I acutally played it a lot yesterday.

(Part 2)

The first two parts of the videos here do cover that, so if your curious take a look check it out, i' relaly like to hear your feedback as this is pretty much the first real game i've covered in my blog that isnt specifcly WoW related as I been promissing to do so I really want to hear you opinons on it. I did manage to play some WoW last night before I did head to bed, finshing some quests with my lovely fiance who at the time was level 69 and i'm proud and happy to say did reach level 70 before the night was out, I wasnt awake for it thou hehe. Plans for today are to play more WoW see if I can do a bit of ctaching up, i'm only a real day behind on my main, so i'm definlty going for at least level 65.

(Part 3)

Again i'd really like to hear you opinon about seeing another game here on my video blog and blog in genreal. I'm going to try and add a little area probley on the right here for a current list of games i'm playing in genreal. Please take the time to subscribe to my blog or to my video blog. Comment and rate as well please and again if you want more full gameplay video at normal speed i'd highly suggest you check out RPGenie's page for all that. I'm leavling you all here with a nice beauty shot of Ironforge. Untill tommorow.

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