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Saturday, December 6, 2008

The March onward to Level 64!!!

(Part 1)

Greets everyone, a little latter then I would of hoped but thats alright we will adjust. Back here once again for Level 64! Yes I made it yesterday as I was hoping, probley would of been there faster but I did take a bit of a break but I got there non the less. As you can see and hear in my videos I had a pretty easy time even thou some quests did give me issues. I dont belive i'll be playing my main today. So we will have to see of course. First I want to thank thoese who are rating and subscribing to my videos, please make sure you vote on the poll to the right!

(Part 2)

So what exactly is on the docket today, i'm not sure i'm having a real late start for various RL reasons, but its a good possiblity alts may be done and some professions stuff be addressed. As for thoese of you wondering when I may play something else or do something else, tommroow is a real possiblity of that. We have no major raid this week, since I figured everyone needed a break and with our guildmaster out for a while still I figured it was best to go ahead and wait.

(Part 3)

So thats really all for the post at this moment, of course i'll cover more tommorow it could be a brief post depending on what I decide to do. Those keeping track of my mains progression I should pick that right back up on monday so defintly dont want to miss that. Leaving you all with an outland shot of the dark portal, so enjoy, rember to vote and comment and please subscribe!

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