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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hello Zangromarsh and DING Level 65!!!

(Part 1)
And greets once more everyone. As I planned and promissed I did spend most all of yesterday playing WoW even thou I was fighting with getting Part 1 and 3 of yesterdays vblogs up for you all, witch i manged to do so if you missed thoese dont miss it, its all up now. I have moved on in outland to Zangromarsh and I did mange to make it to level 65 before the night was up. Of course you can see the full details of all that in the videos here. Next I want to say heayz and a big welcome back to our sweet and wonderfull guild leader Kitty who has returned from a week RL afk! She has a lot of catching up to do lol.

(Part 2)

And next I have first a big congrats to my sweet loving fiance, who while in the process of gettings this blog post up for you all did ding to level 71, and a big congrats to the guild as we have finnlay gotten enough gold to get our 5th bank tab! So wow what a lot of woots out to everyone! As for my agenda today, i'm taking a bit of a break from WoW as i have a craving to play some more might and magic 9. You can of course expect the details on all that tommorow, I will play some WoW today, but exactly how much and if anything substiantal is TBD(to be determined) of course if I do you can expect video/update on that tommorow as well.

(Part 3)

So thats pretty much it for todays blog post, dont forget to comment and rate my videos as well, and of course post your comments here and subscribe to the blog and videos, theres still a couple days left on the poll love to hear you opinon about these new videos so make sure to do that. A big thank you to guildes and everyone who enjoys and reads/watchs my blog I do appricate it. Leavling you all with a nice beatuy shot of a badie in Zangromarsh, untill tommorow!

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