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Monday, December 15, 2008

Aplogies and back on air!

Hello everyone, first my aplogies for the lack of updates/posts RL got in the way, i'll spare you the details but to keep it to the point I was too stressed out to make any blog posts. But now it should all be reseloved and so i'm back with a quick post to refresh you all and give you at least a glimpse of what I did. it would be more complete but I couldnt record it all unfournlty. And with me getting back into wow again for the push to 66, i have to free up space.

I spent most all this time playing Might and Magic 9 and also revisitng/playing some Star Trek Armada 2. I have gotten pretty far in MM9 and unfournlty I didnt capture all of it for you but I have some clips in the video blog entry for everyone, didint capture any star trek armada 2, I do do a little wowing and I do have that in the video blog as well. But definlty more gameplay tommrow and return to a more normal blog schedule so I hope to see you all then and my aplogies. See you all tommorow!

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