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Friday, December 5, 2008

DING level 62!! And the video to show you!

(Part 1)

Greets everyone, back again first with new videos to show my progression. This time i've done the format a bit diffrently to try and first make it shorter and also easier to follow/watch. So i've speed up and cut through gameplay going through it and manged to break it into 3 parts for my final progression from level 61-62 as we left off. I of course did much more but the video will be a bit behind for a while till I can catch up. I also reached level 63 latter today as well as did helfire ciditals ramps and furance, so expect video of all that tommorow.

(Part 2)

I'm also putting up a poll that will last a while to get everyones feedback of using the video as a new branch for my blog. Its not replacing it by any means and at the very least well allow me to focus/post mutliples of games or mods or anything i'm working on. I'll try to keep up with the video blogs as much as I possibly can. So again let me hear what you have to say and of course please post your comments.

(Part 3)

Leaving you all with a beatuy shot today of me approching the menacing dark portal in blasted lands, make sure you come back tommrow, possible double post??!!!! See you soon.

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