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Friday, December 5, 2008

Level 63 & Hellfire Cidital Ramps & Furrance!!!

(Part 1)

So hello everyone, I do have an early post for you all to finish all that didnt quite get covered yesterday. As well as of course more video contining right where we left off, moving from level 62 to 63 as well as doing my first outland instances witch i'm happy to say was very very nice. So this was again all done yesterday as well, so this blog post is kind of a countiation/catch-up from yesterday. Again this is using the same format I used yesterday as I think it works well, again i'd like everyones feedback on these videos and of course comments ranking and subscribing never hurt ethier ;P

(Part 2)

This will not be the only post, I will have one ethier late tommrow or early tommrow, depending how tired I am to try and cover what happend today. So I hope you stay tunned for that. As that will be happing I have no beauty shot for you all yet, so please look over these videos and enjoy them. Also I belive I will be doing some oblivion modding and the like this weekend i'll try to have at least some screenshots and video if I can of that if that does happen. So all for now, more latter.
(Part 3)

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