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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Might and Magic 9 Goodness...FINNALY ;P

(Part 1)
Hello everyone and welcome back, as promissed to you I did play Might and Magic 9 sunday and I did fraps it and as you can see now DID make a total video blog about it! Try not to die from shock lol I've been promissing this for a while and so here it is. These three parts are all MM9 and nothing else, so no WoW here guys but dont worry WoW will be coming back and of course more MM9 down the stretch. For thoese keeping track of WoW I did do some leatherworking yesterday mostly as well as been working on a new toon, a dranei shaman! Shes level 12 now, and you will be seeing in a special WoW blog videos her total progression from level 10 to 20! So stick around for that.
(Part 2)
For thoese of you wondering when I will get back to really leveling my main from 66 to 67 and so forth. I promiss it will be soon, i'm getting close to being able to goto northrend, of course 68 is the big suggestion/limt for that really to be able to handle the badies out there and I want to get out there soon. So i'll probley be playing my wow main tommrow on christmas eve or even tonight would be my main guess, we will have to see but hopefully have a post up for her from 66 to 67 asap. As for MM9 I did play quite on sunday and I hope to play even more and post more so please feedback on all this, i'd like to hear it.
(Part 3)
And of course as you all see/know i'm playing a bit of armada II i dont know if i'll be bloging much on that mainly cause it seems like fraps and the un-offical patch dont get along well I dont know i'll ahve to look into it, but I guess we will see. So thats pretty much everything i've been upto latetly in the world of gaming. I of course hope to have some more WoW goodness up for you all tommroow, and of course hopefully no latter then friday or saturday have that shaman level 10 to 20 special video blog up for everyone to check out. So please stayed tunned I know its the holidays/christmas so I hope your enjoying it! I'll try to post as much as I can for you all, so here leaving you with a nice screenshot of me leather hunting/gathering last night and my circle of dead apes! Lol so untill next time, subscribe rate, and post your comments!

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