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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winters Veil and DING 66!!!

(Part 1)
Hello again everyone I hope everyone is having a good decemeber so far. As you might imagne blog posts have been a bit lacking as of late with holidays and all creeping closer, but hopefully thats something i'll be able to correct. So as promissed I have my level 66 video blog up for you all, also with some winter veil goodness! Winter's Veil is the in-game world event for the holiday/chirstmas season. It started about mid december and will end on january 2nd. World events are cute little in-game events with specific quests and the like blizzard does, witch is quite nice and entertaining as well!!!

(Part 2)

So yes only 2 parts to show you but thats because I was already over 50% to level from my little ramps/furnace that you saw clips of in the last blog/vblog post. So if your looking forward to seeing what I did next in outland or/and some winter veils quests/achivements definlty have a look! Some other things did happen that I didnt capture including my grand mastary of skinner! You can of course become a grand master in any profession when at a high enough level of that skill, but you also MUST be level 65 at least then you go just goto northrend and the starting towns there have the traniers so it was very easy and nice.

So thats pretty much it for now, hopefully i'll have some more mm9 vblogs for you as I have been playing that and my party is now level 32, so dont want to miss that i'll try to have that up tommorow if possible. Everyone have a safe and great holiday week i'll post as many blogs as I can of course and to leave you all with a beatuy shot of a christmas tree in WoW! See you latter!

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