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Monday, December 14, 2009

WoW Old School Hyjal + Addons!!!

(VBlog - WoW - Old School Raid Hyjal)

Hey everyone back a bit early and once again to give you all as much as I can this week! First up some WoW goodness including first and formost that forementioned mount hyjal old school raid witch we ran last week! It went great and was a lot of fun even if there was only 14-13 of us! So defintly will want to check that out! And of course as I promissed and I know its been a while, finnaly new videos of the ongoing addon special is up for your enjoyment!

(VBlog - WoW Addon Special Part 13)

First up is Grid and Clique something thats as a healer and former healbot user I suggest every healer take a good long hard look at as a replacement for healbot. It also has many other uses outside of healing as well so by all means please take a look at it. I know a lot of you have had some questions baout my new UI layout so i've acutally covered some of that information in the second addon special part i've added here while disscusing SunnArt witch I used to help make my UI layout possible.

(VBlog - WoW Addon Special Part 14)

I also cover a bit about CastYeller2 in this part as well. So by all means check it out, I know LP fans are wondering wheres the love, dont fret nor worry I've got LP goodness coming your way, including another new LP I would like you all to check out and get some feedback on. I'll be doing this from time to time on top of the ussal LP's and VBlogs i've been doing like I did with rainbow six and basicly your response/views is what deteirments how often were going to see these new LP's again. And of course we have some more TFTD and MM9 LP's comin up as well so as always stay tuned for more!

Got a nice beatuy shot of our guild after we took down Rangnros in another old school raid so I hope you enjoy it. As always please comment and subscribe ethier here or on youtube! Untill next time!

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