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Friday, December 11, 2009

WoW New 3.3 Instances!

(VBlog - WoW 3.3 New 5-Mans)

Hey everyone a little late this week but i'll blame that on the weather cause well it applies ;P But seriously back in this week with a latey but a goody! Of course thoese who play WoW know the new 3.3 content patch, named 'Fall of the Lich King' has been released this week. And of course I was all over it best I could be! There is a ton of new addtions, features and more, including three, count them, 3, new 5-man dungeons.

Whats so intresting about these instances is they are attuned, meaning you have to finsh a quest to get into the others. Now this sounds familer to old school WoW fans, but dont fear its not so bad! In fact these are the first 5-mans that are story/quest linked! Its acuatlly quite intresting and acutally promotes moving from each dungon! I had a PuG (Pick up Group) group get together and run this one morning also using the new LFG (Looking For Group) interface, very simple, clean and easy and oh took less then 5 minutes even at about 5am! We went in on regular and finshed the place in about an hour and a half, as our first time! A great group and you can see it all in the vid above! Oh you may want to check it out anyway as you will see my new layout for my UI! Yes i'm acutally orgnanized, SCARY!

Lots more of course out there and to see of course theres the new Icecrown Cidtial raid as well lots of big stuff so check it all out! Thats all for now, course much more WoW goodness including another old school raid of Mount Hyjal this time coming up soon! And of course everyones favroite LPs! And leaving you all with today a beatuy shot of well us facing down Rangros! Untill next time enjoy!

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