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Friday, December 18, 2009

Well it's A TFTD Friday After All!

(LP - TFTD Part 140)

Hey everyone back again one last time this week as promissed with a ton and I mean a ton of well deserived and waited on TFTD LP goodness! 7 new parts thats right 7 new parts all just for you all to enjoy! So please by all means eat it up! Also I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has responsed to the new Freelancer LP, its looking great by your views, raiting and of course comments expect to see more Freelancer LP's along with our ussal MM9 and TFTD LPs as well!

Speaking of MM9 I have footage i'm acutally going to setup and get out to you all by the beging of next week! Along with hopefully a little WoW content and a special little Christmas VBlog to end the year on, why do I say that? Well my family and I are going to my parents for chrsitmas so after the early next week posting there will be nothing for at least a week. But dont you fret i'll be back with more of what you all crave, in the mean time dont go no where enjoy your weekend and we shall see you bright and early next week! Untill next time heres a great beauty screenshot of my toon in WoW on the Day of The Dead with her Hallowed title! Enjoy!

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