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Monday, December 21, 2009

WoW More Ulduar & MM9 As Promised!

(LP - M&M9 Part 41)

Hey everyone back again as promissed on this christmas week with some WoW and LP goodness! So up first is Might & Magic IX, got 5 new parts here for you all to enjoy as we get another promotion quest done and get some more leveling done as well you dont want to miss it! Also I do have another WoW video for you all some more WoW progression out of the guild just this past weekend! This time we not only did Flame Levethain with two towers up, but we also took down the crazy cat lady!!

(VBlog - WoW: Ulduar FL 2 Towers & Crazy Cat Lady)

And on top of that even after the offical time was over and I had to head off a lot of members and PuGs stayed and countined on to take down Razorscale and take a good whack at Hodir! What a way to end the year on offical raids! So yes as some of you may or may not know RL wise my wife and our kids are headed to my parents for christmas. We are acutally leave mid this week and wont be back till monday or tuesday next week. As such of course dont expect any VBlog or LP updates untill mid to late next week everyone!

It's not a very long wait I know we have gone longer! There will hopefully be one more update before I head off Tuesday or Wensday at the latests. My Chrsitmas VBlog, going to have some information, updates, thanks and the like to do with the VBlog and the LPs including some hints and info on whats coming soon to you all next year! So stick around for that, after that kick back relax enjoy your holdiay and new years and we will see you again soon! Heres a nice beauty shot of me, we'll Mr.T mowhawked, I pitty the fool!

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