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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December & MM9 LP

(LP - MM9 Part 65)

Hey everyone, welcome to another month as we head toward the end of the year, were coming up with an LP start this month and this week. This time I have 5 new LP parts of Might & Magic 9 for you all to enjoy! Hopefully in the next day or two i'll have another update for you all with addon specials from WoW and the new 'layout' of my UI in the game! I want to continue to thank everyone for there support and patience. Due to the holidays this month and of course start of a new term here at college I will continue to post LPs and Vblogs as often as possible!

So stick around for the ride, enjoy the LP's and hopefully i'll have a new one here for you all very soon! To leave you all with today I have a nice beatuy shot of our guild getting a HEAD ;P Sorry couldnt help it, LOL, enjoy!

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