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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New LP, Freelancer!

(LP - Freelancer Part 1)

Greets again all back with another update of that new LP I was telling you about ealier. This is another game near to my heart and I enjoy very much and have finshed and also modded extensivley before. Called Freelancer, an old game that was more of cult following then anything and also one of the first games of its type not to require a joystick for play! I enjoy this game to this day and am still doing modding work on it.

I've got a total of 6 parts here for you all to check out and view and give me your feedback on, if you like it then we shall see more of it! Of course your die hard LP fans of mine dont fret, I got some TFTD lined up for you by the end of the week, so stayed tuned for lots more coming up! Untill next time heres a great beatuy shot of me in WoW head banging as a skeleton, rock on!

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