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Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Thanksgiving Helping Of WoW & TFTD!

(LP - TFTD Part 134)

Hey everyone! First and foremost happy turkey day, I know my family is very thankfull and I hope you are all too! As you should be since we have more LP's of TFTD (6 parts total) and another hearty helping of WoW for you all to enjoy! I want to aplogize there hasnt been more but with finals this past week its been pretty busy. But now I have time so heres your first helping i'll try to have more seconds for you this weekend by all means! So we have 6 new parts of TFTD for you all to enjoy and you dont want to miss this dreanaught run!

(VBlog - WoW Old School Serpentshrine Cavern Raid)

And then on your WoW portion we have an old school TBC raid of Serpentshrine Cavern an old 25 man raid that my wife has wanted to do for a very long time! I'm happy to say of course we got it done and you can see it right above of all the bosses including the fished up boss thats in the cavern. Its important to note the old attunement quest, though still in the game, is not required to enter the Cavern. All you need is a raid in order to be able to enter the cavern, so why not, you got to take that evil witch Lady Vashj down!

So thats pretty much it for this posting again a happy thanksgiving to everyone and remeber to stay tunded for more LP's and of course more WoW content. Untill next time heres a great beatuy shot of the guild finnaly downing XT Deconstructor aka the big baby, enjoy!

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