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Friday, September 11, 2009

WoW Heroic & Addon Special and TFTD LPs!

(LP: TFTD - Part 116)

Hello everyone I know this is a late post but its been a hetic week just a bit! As most of you know sides RL things on this week off from college, i've been getting my wife and I's new guild off the ground. And glad to say its starting to come toegether nicely! Thank you all for your continued support. Also a big shout out to the over 300 subscribers on youtube! Thank you so much!! So what do I have, well as promissed more TFTD LP in fact thats the only LP I have for you this week. But I got 5 new parts for you all to enjoy! On top of all that we got 3 new WoW vblog postings as well for all you WoW fans!!

(WoW Addon Special - Part 11)

The first two are finnaly two new over-due parts of my Addon Special! My applogies for taking so long my addons have been chaning a bit after 3.2 and it took me a while to get things setteled enough where I can acutally post new ones. So first up is Recount and Omen3 so you definlty want to check that out, then on the 2nd new special we have addons close to me, GetOverHere3 witch I help with work on, and then my BagSpace and Inventory Hawk (Continued)! So you definlty dont want to miss out on thoese!!!

(WoW Addon Special - Part 12)

Then finnaly I have another Heroic video for you all to gander at! Its a good one too, of The Occulus. Witch was always dreaded before 3.2 but with some nice changes witch scale the dragon like vechiles you ride with the gear you wear (a lot like Ulduar's Vechicles) its better then ever! You can of course check out that video as well just bellow! I got a lot more WoW coming up including more if not the rest of the Grizzly Hills quests, and of course more Heroics and maybe some special suprises ;)

(VBlog - WoW The Occulus Heroic)

I also have some good news on the RL department. My wife and I have been able to get her a new laptop as I belive I mentioned last week. And as such we can both play at the same time now! Witch pretty much sums up todays beatuy shot for you all, hope you enjoy it! Also on a RL note I want to deticate this blog post today to all the family, freinds and love ones who lost people on 9/11 I remeber that day well and its sometimes hard to belive its been 8 years now. My heartfelt sympthies and prayers to you all from both my wife and I.

Lastly whats on the horizon, with college starting back up next week (on a wensday no less ;P) i'm going to attempt to resume my normal posting schedule of Tuesdays and Thrusdays. So of course more WoW and LP's both TFTD and MM9 heading your way, since I dont start till wensday officaly it will give me some time to get more LP footage for you all. And again thank you everyone for your continued support! Remeber if you like to interact with our guild or play on Echo Isles server and wish to join, click the link to my wife and I's guild website and register! Be sure to stop in the forums and say HEY! Till next time everyone!

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