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Friday, September 25, 2009

LP Friday!!! TFTD, MM9 And More Lockdown!!!

(LP - TCRS: Lockdown Part 2)

Hey again all, a bit late again but well worth it as I have a slew (yes slew, a wife word ;P) of new LP parts for everyone. First besides the part 2 of lockdown that didnt upload right this past tuesday, I have recoreded even more (totaling 7 parts so thats 6 new vids for thoese keeping track ;P) for you all to look over and give me feedback on! As I mention i nthe video I have a couple other possible LP's that I will be trying out/starting at a latter date, but this is the first one. Love your response so far but want to hear more so, rate and comment on them!!!

(LP - MM9 Part 59)

For the normal LP's I have more for you all, got 3 new MM9 LP's for everyone and also 3 new TFTD LP's as well for you all to enjoy! I didnt get as much TFTD footage as I was expecting because well I was just to darn tired ;P But i'll see about getting more for next tuesday. Speaking of Tuesday (ooo segway!) There could be a lot of WoW content coming up at you! Besides my Brewfest/Harvest Festival Vblog I have a few other good vblogs coming out, including an AQ20 and AQ40 run most of the guild did with some other guilds in a nice Retro Night event. Not to mention our first Ulduar run is this saturday as well and I will be recording that, so theres the possiblity of having that up as well! So definlty stick around for it!

(LP - TFTD Part 128)

Thats all I have for you but I have to say you guys rock! Over 350 subscribers on youtube and keeps rising! Thanks so much for everyones continued support and encorugment and comments and being so great! Make sure to subscribe and comment here as well! Look for more videos as always on Tuesday, hopefully i'll make my thrusday guideline better or I may just have to switch it to Friday it seems lol. Ethier way if you dont see a post on Thursday, check Friday! So I have a nice beauty shot of me in Black Temple dancing it up with a PuG! Till Tuesday!!

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