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Friday, September 18, 2009

More TFTD and MM9 LP's a little late....

(LP - TFTD: Part 125)

Greets once more everyone sorry i'm a day late but yeah here none the less! So as promissed I have more wonderfull MM9 and TFTD LP footage for you all. Only 3 new parts for TFTD, and 4 new parts for MM9 before I ran out of raw footage but I hope you all enjoy them regardless! Some good stuff on the TFTD vids for you subscribers whos been watching and waiting you will definlty want to check out, and for you MM9 fans we have in these 4 parts our first fully promoted charchter! So goodness all around. As always thank you for your continued support and comments its apprciated!

(LP - MM9: Part 50)

So whats all up for this weekend, well my new WoW guild has our first offical raid tonight acutally and were looking forward to it. For a new guild it looks like we will acutally have a full guild run! Witch is very exciting, unfournlty I wont be recording it as I already have Obsidan Sanctum footage but of course stay tuned for futre vids as we go into Ulduar and more!!! In the LP side things are going good with TFTD and MM9 but i'm looking into another LP one that I think will be diffrent but intresting and I hope you all agree....what is it....wellll you'll have to wait till next week to find out ;) You will be suprised!

So thats really all I have for you this week, much more as always next week that you all wont want to miss! So untill then to leave you all with got a great beatuy shot that is just to funny, some dancing druid bears (i'm on the right) and a gnome in the middle! OH my! LOL Enjoy!!

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