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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What Wensday, WoW! MM9 & TFTD LP's Too!

(LP-TFTD Part 114)

Hey everyone been a little while I know, my aplogies, RL been keeping me busy mainly college of course. But good news finals weeks, I got 2 left tommorrow and since you have all been so awsome as you are and pataince I have a special posting for everyone! A new WoW Vblog, and some new MM9 (4 total) LP's and TFTD (2 total) as well! Dont worry there will be even more now cause sleep and college and RL cant stop me anymore cause we finnaly got my lovely wife a laptop. So she has her own 'puter and we dont keep trying to share out. So that should help a lot as well I'm hoping! As I stated before we have new MM9 that you can check out, first new part bellow, and TFTD as well and thats just above here.

(LP-MM9 Part 42)

Also as I stated, I have a new WoW Vblog for everyone, this is the first of the continue of quests that I promissed for thoese who were following my leveling up vblogs. So we have the first of that series continuing in Grizzly hills thats just bellow here. Also for thoese who do not know, but may have notice yes the Royal Pain link is gone, i'm no longer a member of that guild. In fact my wife and I have started a new guild called The Dailie Grind, the site link is to your right as you can see. I encoruge everyone to check it out and feel free to register to talk to us on the forums! Also if you play on Echo Isle or are looking to then by all means register and look over how to apply for membership into the guild!

(WoW - Vblog Grizzly Hills Quests)

As for updates I have about a week and a half off from school coming up with now problems with when I can have the PC. Needless to say this is a good thing! You should see us getting back to a regualr schedule even after school starts, thou there may be gaps here and there. I want to thank everyone so much, old and brand new subscribers for your continued feedback, and encorugement and pataince. We are nearly at 300 subscribers on youtube witch is amazing and its thanks to everyone continue to sub, spread the word and comment. So thanks so much!

So whats up next, well defintly more LP's esppcialy TFTD, feel bad I only had 2 new for you this time, so expect more of that, and of course MM9 and definlty more WoW, got more addon special vids to come, more Heroics, and maybe even a few suprises! So defintly as always stay tunned! To leave you all with got a beatuy shot of...a mammoth caravan in Dalaran??? LOL Enjoy and untill next time!

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