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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Right Back On Schedule! WoW & MM9 & TFTD!!!

(LP - TFTD: Part 121)

Hey everyone, back here with an update right back on scehdule as I hoped and promissed witch is always nice! And I have some great stuff here for you all as well. First I have updates for both LP's, TFTD (4 vids total) and MM9 (4 vids total) witch you can see the latest from them above and bellow this text. You will have to escuse my tiredness in the TFTD LP's it was very late and I was exhausted. And of course we got some great MM9 vids leaving right were we left off. Happy to say I acutally got more footage then I needed! So you can expect even more MM9 & TFTD vids on the normal thursday update as well!

(LP - MM9: Part 46)

But dont you WoW fans worry ethier I have a couple vblog updates for you as well as you can see bellow! First up is another continued posting of our Grizzly Hills quests in Northrend. Picking up right were we left off in the last video. Many more quests are covered here but by no means all of them so you can of course expect more posts as we continue on. And also once I have done all the quests I can in Grizzly I will be moving on to the other areas of Northrend and recording that quest footage as well! So make sure you keep an eye out for that.

(VBlog - WoW: Grizzly Hills Quest Cont.)

Up next is a short little vblog post giving info about the Onxyia instance and the achivement before the upcoming patch change. Its also some info/showing off the first real guild thing we have done with my new guild The Dailie Grind, so by all means check it out! I hope you all find it intresting and informative and just see how much were growing! Of course if you play on Echo Isles on the Alliance we would by all means love to have you join! So please click on the guild website link to the upper right or follow the url display in the vblog!

(VBlog - WoW: Onxyia/The Dailie Grind)

So wow! Its great to be on schedule again, my college schedule and new quarter officaly begin tommorow, and you can of course expect another update on thrsuday! Thou my schedule for college has shifted a bit i'm not changing the normal update days. I want to retain the ussal Tuesday and Thrusdays you all have come to know. I want to continue to thank everyones continued encrougement and pataince and cant wait to show you all more as always! I have a great up close and personal beatuy shot of the Storm Giant in Howling Fjord to leave you all with! Untill next time.

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