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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

WoW Heroic VH, More MM9 LP and A New LP!!

(LP - MM9 Part 54)

And here we are again, another tuesday another post woot! Its always nice to be on time isnt it :) So what do I have for you all today, well some of the same good stuff you expect and something a new as well. First LP wise I have 5 new parts for MM9 up for everyone to enjoy. No TFTD LP today but you can expect that on thursday. I also have 2 parts of a brand new LP i'd like to get everyone opinon on. I'm trying out new LP's and this is the first on my list, of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Lockdown. So take a loot at it and let me all hear what you think of it and i'll look into doing more!

(LP - TCRS: Lockdown Part 1)

For all you vblog WoW fans I do have something new for you as well of course, this week its over Heroic Violet Hold! A wonderfull dungeon that everyone should be familer with, as its common to be ran on regular and heroic. I have a lot of new WoW stuff that will be lining up for next week, including more quest vblog and also a Brewfest and Bounty vblog as well that you all will not want to miss! I also have been playing some other older games that I havnt been able to play in quite a while that I may be doing LP's on! So like with the new LP above I really want your feedback and your opinon.

(VBlog - WoW Heroic Violet Hold)

So thats pretty much all I have for you today, of course i'll be aiming to do another update on Thursday. Guild wise were counting to expand and build, and were having our first offical raid schedule week happen! So again if your on Echo Isle you will want to check out our guild site witch is as always linked on the right side of the blog. To leave you all with today on my Beauty shot is a good one of me on my Deathknight after getting the Pirate Day achviement in Booty Bay! Enjoy and see you all Thrusday!

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