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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Finnaly some WoW!

(VBlog - WoW - Ulduar: FL)

Hey everyone its been a while I know and I aplogize but were i'm finnaly back and to kick things off a ton of WoW content. Sorry guys no LP's yet but dont fret there comin (friday looks good in your future ;) So what do I all have setup for you, well first up is our guilds first cracking at Ulduar were not only do we do pretty well but we take down the dreaded first boss Flame Levithan! Theres a lot to this first vechile combat part that hasnt been covered much so you all may want to give it a good look.

(Vblog - WoW - AQ20/40 - Part 1)

Next up we have the long awaited and promissed AQ20 & AQ40 vids sorry it has taken so long to get to you all RL has been complicated but is starting to normal out a bit so hoepfully I wont have such long gaps between postings! First part sees all of AQ20 and the start of AQ40 and the second part sees the rest of AQ40. Great viewing and a hell of a blast with our old school run that you dont want to miss out on! Witch brings us to the last vid some more old school goodness, with Blackwing Lair witch was a joy. Check it out and also see my wifes new vanity pet!

(VBlog - WoW - AQ20/40 - Part 2)

My aplogies for this taking so long to get to you all and also the lack of LP's! As I said my RL has been pretty hetic lately and so its put me quite behind but I should be able to get back to some normacy here soon. As I said for the LP's friday or this weekend in genreal looks to be your days so keep an eye out for that i'll post whatever LP's I can bewteen raiding ;) I've also been modding quite a bit latley getting back to some Freelancer modding. I'm going to setup a new poll asking you all if you like to see vblogs or vids in genreal of me working/featuring the mod. let me know what ya think!

(Vblog - WoW - BWL)

Finnaly to leave you all with I have a nice old beatuy screenshot of the guild downing Onxyia back before patch 3.2.2! So enjoy it and more coming very soon stick around!

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