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Friday, June 19, 2009

Addon Special Part 4 & WoW Level 76-77 Part 1 & 2!!

(Addon Part4)

Well its a bit slow in coming and although I have no where near as much as I was hoping I still have something for you all! First its important to note that we have gotten a new hard drive and I have re-done or re-installed our OS, in fact were using the Windows 7 RC witch is avalible for free from microsoft to try out from there site, there giving it out for testing/evaluation reasons untill the end of this month (June 30th) so if you curious know your stuff or are using vista I seriously encoruge you to go check it out, you will be able to freely use it untill June 2010 altought starting March 2010 it will begin to reboot after every 2 hours of use, still thats a long time of free use and it will be out in retail late this year so definlty check it out!!!

(Part 1)

So what does this mean for the vblog and LPs? Really some good things and some bumps, the TFTD LP is on hold untill i can get things setteled on our new os/setup i'm hoping to have it up and running soon (since i'm using the windows 95/98 edition theres some compatablity working i need to do) so it may be a week before anything new comes out there, as for WoW footage no shortage there in fact starting with Part 5 of the addon special when it comes up you will acutall see in INCREASE in resoultion size as i'm able to run my desktop and wow at much higher res with no decrease in fps or response (Windows 7 RC is VERY NICE!!!) So, but on to what we got here!

(Part 2)

So we have part 4 of the addon special that I was unable to encoded properly early this week, and we have the first two parts of the level 76-77 up as well. I ran out of time due to some guild raid runs last night and didnt get all of 76-77 parts done something i hope to finsh tonight, if thats so you can expect another update pretty quickly this weekend! As for more addon parts I wouldnt expect thoese any ealier then monday but who knows! I still have a lot of system side stuff to reinstall and fix and of course setting up compatbality and things for my LP recodring of TFTD (so dont fret just a bit of a break!)

Once again in my rush I frogot to place a beautey shot *whimpers* and yes I am 80 and am starting raids and stuff and have wonderfull footage! So you can expect that all up as we get to it, so much much more still coming, stay with us, keep the comments up and spread the word! Thanks all!

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