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Monday, June 22, 2009

WoW Level 76-77 & Old Kingdom Part 3 & 4, and Addon Special 5 & 6!

(Part 3)

Hello all back again acutally on time for a change, LOL. Have the rest of Level 76-77 for you as well as a northrend instance!!! OMG!! So you defintly will want to check that out. Also have two more parts of the Addon Special up as well, part 5 & 6 are here for you to enjoy! Theres still a ton of footage I have left to show you not to mention level 77-80!! You will definlty want to check out the new addon special parts, there very very new so new they just got recorded before processed new! So you can check out my new display settings and the new huge resolution that i'm using in windowed & maximzed mode on Windows 7 RC!!!!!

(Part 4)

Speaking of that as for my TFTD LP dont think i've forgoten you guys cause I havnt, things are progressing a bit slowly but I belive I have an option that will also me to get back to these LP's in no time flat, though it still may be late or next week before we see anything up on youtube! My aplogies and as always thank you for your pataince! Also I have a new game I installed this morning GTA:IV FINNALY! LOL. I will probley be playing around with that a bit tonight as i've been waiting a long time to be able to play it and now that I can I intend to take full advantage of it!!!

(Addon 5)

But do not fret plenty more WoW goodness coming your way hopefully this week! As I said level 77-80 still awaits, and of course more addon specials to come, so definlty want to stick around and stay tuned! Please remeebr to subscribe, post comments and of course let everyone you know, know about Quicks14Blog, your dog, your girlfreind, your cyber girl, your guild, your raid, the PuG you got last night witch sucked cause the damn tank was a newb! Tell them all!! And of course you can find me on WoW in Echo Isle pretty much nightly, who knows if you run into me you may show up in one of my vBlogs! Oh The humanity lol!!!

(Addon 6)

Well Thats pretty much it for today, but I DO have a beatuy shot for you all and I deifnlty want to put it up, its a sweet shot of me, FISHING!!! LOL Yes very nice, the turtle has many fish you see! Enjoy and untill next time!

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