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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!! DING 67!!!!

(Part 1)
Hey everyone quickshot14 back here again finnaly after a while fresh off the new year and what a good new year its been. Not only did I get my WoW account reactived and ran through to level 67 and you'll see in the video blog here but I also got my preimer re-installed! I'm still working out the kinks and such so there will be changes but for now as you can already see first its much better quality then the windows movie maker and I also have little overlays. There not perfect and definlty early works in progress but I hope to make use of them in my WoW and MM9 vids for you all so I really want to hear your feedback!

(Part 2)

Speaking of MM9 I havnt played any yet, I spent most of my WoW frozen time acutally doing some modding for Oblivion, I also did some fraps test and even with the low fps at points it still works great! So hopefully sometime soon I will acutally be able to show you the mods and such i'm working on in oblivion witch is somehting i've been hoping to do for a while. Of course i'm back to leveling my main, I feel like i've fell behind and I want to try and make it to 68 asap so I head out to northrend. The good news is even thou I missed christmas the presents that was relased for us are still there so if you play WoW you got till tommrow morning (Jan 2nd) to log in and get your presents and your achivements!

(Part 3)

Speaking of achivements my lovely fiance having hit 80 has been hamering out all kinds of achivemnts as well as playing a lot of her alts too. Capping hasnt slowed her down playing WoW at all and shes taking it easy as the rest of us guildes catch up to her and fen. (like me ;P) Also if you remeber I prmossied a Shaman speical from level 10 to 20 for my new toon. I am still planing on it and will be doing it asap. I'm also looking into doing a simlar thing at a later time for my paladin toon (whos been siting at level 1 for a loooong time) as its been a very long time since i've played paladin (like orignal WoW release ;P) so if your all intrested in that stayed tuned and let me know!

(Part 4)

So i'm going to work on improving my encoding, it still takes a long time and i have something that should help that considerabily also should clear it up even more and hopefully even make uploading times faster, I hope cause they were herendous today! I can definlty promiss more MM9 is coming very soon, i'm going to need a break from WoW with all this leveling here at one point and MM9 is at the top of my list to play so you mm9 fans dont you stress i havnt forgoten you!

So thats all for now i'm leaving you here with one more beatuy shot of a christmas tree in World of Warcraft as yes, winter's veil comes to a close tommorow morning, remeber to subscribe, comment, rate and please spread the word. Till next time!!

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