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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Level 68!!! Underbog & Slavepens, and what NORTHREND HO!

(Part 1)
Greets to everyone once more quickshot14 back here with more leveling main goodness from WoW! I finnlay hit level 68 WOOT! A little latter then I expected but made it non-the-less. I also did a PuG(Pick up Group/Looking for Group) for Slave Pens & Underbog and you can see all that in my video blog here of course. I got some wonderfull xp not to mention some kick ass drops from running it, I also manged to pick-up a great quest staff and yes ding 68 as well. So defintly check out the video blog for all the details. I know the qualitys of these blogs are kind of all over the board the lately I'm trying to find the best looking/smallest/qucikest one for the blog to place for you all so please give feedback about it!

(Part 2)

So not only have I hit 68, had great gear ups, and finnaly made it to norhrend to quest now! But I also manged to hit grandmaster Leatherworking!! Thanks in to a large part by my guild mate fen!! So thanks so much man, also I want to give props to my loving fiance who has not been idle after hiting 80 getting such achivments as the explorer and much more!!! I've also removed my old avatar signature link that was at the bottom of the page and added a new link to my WoW charchters to the right. Right now only my main is avalible but just click on the link and you will be taken to the offical WoW Armory to see my main in all her awsomeness now lol!!

(Part 3)

I also last night got to run through my first 2 Caveren Of Time Instances!!! That was a treat, I will be posting them up as a video blog here but they will not be apart of my normal leveling video blog as they can/do contain some spoilers, in fact much of what i'm getting into now will contain spoliers but I belive for most instaces if I can sepreate them from my leveling vids I will best I can. Of course theres still so much more to go, including the shamen special more leveling, might and magic ix and theres been a new addition to the faimly of games, sins of a solar empire! So stick around!

Heres a wonderfull beauty shot to leave you all with, its from Zangramarsh of the naga drain. Untill next time, please remeber, subscribe, comment and spread the word!!! More to come!!!

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