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Saturday, January 10, 2009

A long time comin.....DING 70!

(Part 1)
Greets everyone, back again finaly after fighting with youtube/my uploading I have all three parts of my first step in northrend and my journey from level 68 to 70! Woot finnaly 70, well okay i'm acutally 71 already but still ;P For thoese of you just starting in northrend or getting ready to goto northrend I hope these vblogs help give you some great insight into it. I love northrend its ben a blast to play so far and theres defintly no shortage of quests for you to do let alone of course the instances. On another note there will be no level 70-71 video as I took a bit of break from recoding so my aplogies on that.

(Part 2)

However I will continue recording as soon as possible, also my shaman is very close to 20 now so i'll try to have her level 10-20 videos up very soon, i've kind of taken a break from WoW but I havnt played any MM9 yet....not quite yet mm9 fans but soon ;P Instead i'm playing avery old game with some enhancments, yes its on the righ hand side and no your not seeing things i'm playing X-Com again (yes the orignal for now)! Also you may have noticed I have all my toons up on the right hand side, minus my paladin as she hasnt hit level 10+ just yet. But i'm hoping to play more of her soon as well. So as ussal the quickshot is game hoping, i know your all used to it by now lol.

(Part 3)

As for showing X-Com videos I dont know its been done quite a bit on youtube already so i'm not sure I will but if anyway like to see it by all means throw a comment up and let me know! Also my gear is ever changing on my main so defintly keep an eye on that with the links to my toons, more coming of course as quickly as I can, as long as youtube and my upload get along i'll get the videos out to you all very quickly. Untill then heres a beauty shot of Shattrath City in outland.

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