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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Um yes I'll have...The Shaman Special Please, hold the totem.

(Part 1)
Hey everyone back again with finnaly the first three parts of the shaman special going from level 10 to 20. I did this cause I didnt know anything about shamans as I never played them and i'd figure i'd share it all with you, so if your curious take a gander, i'm shareing my experinces, what i've learned so far and what i think so take it as you will and by all means look for more. Due to upload times and encoding I only have the first three parts done and up, so take everything with a grain of salt, and find your own thing. This is by no means a set in stone of the shaman its simply a stepping stone.

(Part 2)

I've also started work on my first 'Lets Play' videos. For thoese not familer with LP's as there called on you tube. There simply videos of someone playing a game and brinding you along for the ride. There quite neat and enterating and i've decied to take my hand at one with X-Com:Terror from the Deep. You'll find it only on my youtube page as I will not be posting them here on my blog, thou I will have a link to the first video as it becomes avalible. So make sure you check that out!

(Part 3)

Finnlay i'll be doing and encoing nad uploading the rest of this special hopefully by tommorow and then i'm going to need a bit of a repreve from WoW so expect MM9 vids after that, yes you MM9 fans i havnt forgoten you hehe. So much much more still to come. So the beatuy shot to leave you all with this time is from the caverns of time, Enjoy and see you soon!

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