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Friday, January 16, 2009

Shaman over easy!!!

(Part 4)
Hello all, back once more as promised with the last 3 parts of the shaman special. In these last 3 parts we go over more of the shaman's unquieness as well as some of the more item and glyph chocies and suggestions as we reach level 20. I hope all these vids have been very informitvive and helpfull to all thoese intrested in the shaman class. I also suggest anyone looking to find out more do so on there one, including wowinsider.

(Part 5)

On the other side as I mentioed i have started my lets play content its up on youtube now so please check it out. As for my main i'm taking ab reak from WoW as I recover from a RL issue, its nothing to serious just something that makes walking atm a bit diffcult, but I will be playing more Might and Magic 9 so please expect that blog post up as soon as I possibly can. Other then that, I will also be playing my paladin more and hopefully have her up on the right side charchter list asap. I dont belive I will do a special on her though like I did here with the shaman since the pladain is very well covered in many diffrent places.

(Part 6)

So thats basicly what i'm upto atm, I hope you all enjoyed these vids very much I took as much time to try and hit everything I learned and share it with you. So please by all means, comment and let me know what you all think. Heres a beatuy shot of the nexus, take care and see you latter.

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