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Friday, May 1, 2009

WoW Level 71-72!! FINNALY LOL.

(Part 1)
Hello everyone, YEAAAA were finnaly back on it, after fighting my allergies and Preimer pro in some cases lol, I have my entire vblog up and posted for my main going from level 71 to 72. Now I know the last you saw of my main was hiting level 70, but as i state in the videos I did skip the 70 to 71 vbloging to take a bit of a break from it as I was working on the shaman special so much at the time. But never the less I did capture a good amount of video from my level 71 to 72 before I lost net connection. In fact most of this video is very old, 3 months to be exact as its been siting on my hard drive for me to get back online and finsh leveling. As most of you know that happend this past April 20th and I did level to level 72 just a few days latter!

(Part 2)

Whats taken so long to get this up is a few things, first spring hasnt been very kind to me, and i've off and on sick as of late, also with my Wife and I sharing a computer now I dont have as much time to sit and encode each video as well as play (since it takes about an hour each part to encode) this on top of some encoding bugs/errors and of course the days where I was so very sick I wasnt able to do anything, and hence thats why I havnt been able to get this all to you till now. So first my aplogies, and my thanks for your patince in this matter! There is a lot to see here! Were finshing up Borean Tundra and then moving to the other alliance starting zone of Howling Fjord. Many quests are done, as well as a few achviments including, Nothing Boreing about Borean and of course D.H.E.T.A.S. Little P.E.T.A. and of course all the new footage fresh out of the box of the most recent major patch!

(Part 3)

Theres so much to see here it was hard to cram it all in, and I wasnt able to cram it into 3 parts as you can see there are acutally four! So enjoy it, its been a long time and hopefully it wont be that much longer, i've already started leveling from 72-73 and have already begun to record that footage for you all. As for my ever patince MM9 fans, dont fret ethier, more MM9 is coming up for you very soon! And for all my LP watchers who do check my blog, more LP's are coming up as well, I was hoping to record some this past tuesday morning but since I was sick I wasnt able too.

(Part 4)

So thats all for now, enjoy the VBlog theres plenty more to come, its great to be back in WoW and great to be back to Vbloging it all for you! Heres a wondefull beatuy shot of flying through Darkshore to leave you all with! Untill next time, remeber to comment, subscribe and stay tuned!

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