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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Stay on target!!!

Its been quite I know and thats been three reasons, RL of course, WoW defintly and my allgiers kicking my ass most annoyingly! Lets just say the spring hasnt been to kind to Quickshot so far and its been made diffcult to do much of anything! But do not fret I have not been idle, i'm happy to say i'm level 72 and have been since last week! I'm also happy to say all the parts for the next blog post are nearly finshed, i'm finshing up Part 3 and then its just Part 4, yes 4 PARTS! I'm also happy to report over on youtube i'm approching 100 subscribes! Awsome and also happy to greet my first real subscribed follower of this blog! You can do so as well.

I also have updated my addons list on the lower right hand side for you all, I know how many people have asked for this and I noticed it was lacking, some mods arnt included because they do come with mirage, but sooner or latter I will post ALL the addons I have, right now I have added many including one I just brought back up. So enjoy! All for now but stayed tuned not much longer and the vblog will be up! Thank you all for your continued patiance!

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