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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Level 75-76 & The Wraith Gate + Poll Results!

(Part 1)

Hello once again everyone, we'll a bit delated but no worries were back and with probley the best stuff we have had, no only have I reached level 76 (acutally near 78 now!) but this has all that awsome wraith gate content you have probley heard about! If you havn't take a look at what you have to look forward to, or if you dont want spoliers skip it! Also we have the poll results as you should be able to see it was a close one and I want to thank everyone who cast there vote!!

(Part 2)

A lot has been happening! I have more comping up for course non-the least level 76-77, i've acutally nearly level to 78 already just on dailies! So i'll be sure to show you all that in my 77-?? blog post when it comes avalible, included my flying in northrend ;) But back to this blog, we have a lot here as were nearly done with Dragonblight, most importanly is the wraith gate event witch is the comlination of everything you have working to and tracking so far, its worth it, its awsome and its a lot more fun playing then watching ;) Of course Quickshot here takes you through it quest by quest!

(Part 3)

For thoese wondering about our poll thats also in this VBlog, and as you can plainly see the the winner, but I want to let you all know not to worry! I'm still planing on a warrior special (a lot like the shaman special) as well, but first up is our addons special, i'll be doing thoese in bits/parts with focus on one or a few addons and going down the list, be sure not to miss it! I know you all have been dying for this info and such, so expect the first video to be out very soon!

(Part 4)

On top of all that for you LP watchers we have some new TFTD LP's up on the youtube page as well so be sure to check that out, and coming up as well probley with/before/after the level 76-77 vblog post you can expect a small little gold special, as i'm throwing my hat into the ring with wowhobbs and shadowashely who have great tips/guides to makeing gold in wow, going to show you all a nice thing i found that you can do with skining and as early as level 70! So be sure to stay tunned for that, much more coming as always, keep it up comments, feedback, subscribe! And now a beauty shot of me in my contruct in Howling Fjord, till next time!

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