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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

100+ YouTube Subscribers, WoW Level 72-73!


Hey all, back again with another update, first my youtube channel finnlay reached 100+ subscribers! Woot as a way to say thank you and take a look back at the last 5 months since I started vbloging, and lping I have put together a little tribute video for you the fans, so please take a look and I hope you enjoy it! I also have a new vblog post for my wow main! I reached level 73 a few days ago, and acutally got this all together for you all this morning as i'm feeling much better!

(Part 1)

Quite a bit to look at here, another 4 parts just barely heh, this level up went acutally quite fast, though I did have some 30% or so experince from running some dungeons before hand, but i'm finding howling fjord quite enjoyable. The quests are quite refreshing then most i've done before and the lore behind it and into it is quite nice. Loot wise, as I stated in my last vblog, seems pretty comparable. I havnt found anything to replace what I already have but since i'm still praticly in the same level range as Borean Tundra i'm not suprised by this.

(Part 2)

Again if anyone is having trouble finding there way to the Howling Fjord for the alliance, you simply need to fly to Menthril Harbor and take the fartherest to the right dock/boat. Its the same dock that used to lead to Darkshore so if your an old school player who was around when that was still the case you know right where its at! The boat can be long, so be prepared to wait quite a bit if you missed it. All the same profession traniers for grand mastery that can be found in Borean Tundra can also be found in Howling Fjord so no worries about that ethier.

(Part 3)

As you can tell from near the end of this blog post were getting closer and closer to being finshed with Howling Fjord I would not be surpsied if by this next level or before if we have finnaly moved on, nad i'm looking forward to it, theres great content to be had after these starting areas, Dragonblight alone is going to be an enjoyable experince if my wifes indication and seeing what she did is any point to look to. And frankly I can't wait, I still feel very behind and i'm rearing to get there, but I dont want to leave you guys in the dust ethier, so far its working out and part of the reason why i've been not recording any dungeon runs as of late (as you will get to see them in heoric anyway as well).

(Part 4)

So thats pretty much it for now, expect more soon, as i'm feeling better and playing more and you can bet i'll be on my main leveling it up tonight! So enjoy and untill next time, remeber you can always subscribe to the blog as well for the latest updates and for some stuff that dosnt show up on youtube ;) Heres a beatifull screenshot of Darkshore to leave you all with. Thanks all!

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