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Thursday, May 14, 2009

WoW Level 74-75, Next VBlog WoW Special Poll

(Part 1)
Greets once more to everyone out there, quickshot14 back with more WoW goodness! As promissed my vblog post of my main going from level 74-75 is now up and viewable, a whopping 5 parts! So defintly dont miss out on it. Also again a reminder i'm looking for your feedback on what you want the next VBlog WoW Special to be, like the shaman special. Theres three choices avalible, do you want to see about each of my addons, including features, where to grab it, etc. Or would you like to here about my auction house stratgies, tips, and overall ideas on making gold. And last but not least would you like to see a special about the warrior class from level 10-20 just like the shaman special? So what would you like to see, you got till May 21st to make your vote, so please do so!

(Part 2)

Back to the vblog, we are now in Dragonblight questing out and leveling up. Theres many things in Dragonblight but many will find its a lot more sequencenced in its quests, this is a good thing as it makes it more intresting reading the story that is engraved into it. Theres also much more phasing here then we have seen previously as well. Though i have all the major flight paths open and already grabed some quests when I start, pretty much everyone will be starting in stars reach or/and wintergarde keep. Weather you started in Howling Fjord or Borean Tundra this is your next stop as it is a level 71-74 zone. There is some great quests here, as well as a very fun dragon repeatable quest and also an easy tuskar repeatble quest as well.

(Part 3)

As you will see even though I went as fast as I could from quests via the clips there was some I just had to capture all of it, because of that and the amount of questing I did to reach level 75 theres a huge amount of parts here! A total of 5 parts! So be sure to look over them and also included in part 5 is more info about the poll thats up for the next vblog special. For you LP fans as well dont fret I didnt get to CoH this week as planned but there will be some LP posts up next week so be on the look for it. I'm getting excited about my main as shes only 5 levels from 80 and just 2 from being able to get cold weather flying!

(Part 4)

Of course a you have probley seen in my vblogs as much as i'm holding onto the gold I will need i'm very short! I'm not quite half-way but very close, as I need a total of 6k gold to learn both flying its self (costs 5k/witch can be learned at 70) and then of course cold weather flying (costs 1k) And unforunlty my auctions seem to be on a downward dip once again. Witch does happen, it goes up and down, i'm even trying my luck on the netural auction house for somethings and have had mixed results so far, but well see what I can do. Honeslty the most gold 've been making is from running quests and selling the non-used soul bound items! Most quests with this method you can make i'd say an average of 10 gold.

(Part 5)

Witch granted isnt a huge amount but if you add how many quests it takes to get a level at these levels if you do just 50 quests well thats 500 gold easy. So thats encoruging and not to bad and as I get back to major levling and questing of course it should add up quick. And hopefully, hopefully by level 77 I will be able to get my flying skill. After reaching level 75 I have spent some time working on some tuskar rep, for some great rewards including some recipes and an awsome epic fishing poll. Still a long way to getting that but doing the quests and evrything else has manged to give me nearly 25% on my next level, including the dragonblight daily witch I recommend eveyrone do cause its easy, fun and will easily get you the simple re-quest achivement if you dont have it. So thats all for this post, next VBlog post will be the results of the poll and of course moving upward and on so stay tuned untill next time, make sure to subscribe, post your comments and heres a beatifull shot of me flying from Wyrmrest Temple. Thanks all!

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