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Monday, May 11, 2009

WoW Level 73-74, More Comin!

(Part 1)

Greets once again all, back here again with much more for you, first there should be two blog posts coming up this week for WoW. First today, and then Wensday as I have made it upto level 75, so make sure you stick around for that! But up first is level 73 to 74. This vblog is quite as long as the others, I had massive XP from my instance runs that I did before, so thats why it didnt take long to do this. Also to be sure of time and space I kept the clips short and to the point, so this vblog can and probley will go pretty quick for all of you.

(Part 2)

Important things to note here is first, this is the last of Howling Fjord, after I hate 74 I decide it was best to move on and worry about the achivement for quests latter. Reason I did this is Dragonblight is next (and you will be going there no matter witch end of Northrend you started in) and its a level 71-74 zone and I wanted to make sure to max me XP potentional there as much as possible as Dragonblight has a ton of quests to do as well as its probley the first real area you going to notice phasing.

(Part 3)

Other things to really note, is that I have added some new addons that you may notice in here, i dont have it up on my list just yet but i'll try to have it on that addon list by wensday, i'm also going to start a poll for a special vblog, I basicly would like all your input on what it should be about, choices are, addons, auction tips/tricks, and finnaly a warrior class special (like the shaman one). So please let me know what you'd like to see i'll be sure to mention it in detail in the next vblog so the poll is going to be up for quite a while. Thats all for now, so stayed tune, remebr you can subscribe here on my blog to follow it or of course youtube as well, upto 115 subscribers since last post and thats just awsome! Heres a wonderfull shot of my DK flying, untill next time everyone!

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