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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

WoW Ulduar Progress!

(VBlog - WoW Ulduar)

Hey again everyone back again with a new update! This time I have a sweet WoW vblog for everyone of the first 3 bosses of Ulduar that we have passed! This was a pretty big leap for us and a lot of fun to do so and though we havnt gotten past the 3rd boss again yet I hope you all find this not only intresting and entertaing but also informative! Our guild continues to grow and expand by leaps and bounds and i'm very excited about it and excited to share it with all of you so defintly expect more ulduar and WoW footage soon!

More LP's also coming your way! For thoese keeping track definlty dont want to miss the next TFTD LP and yes it could be more Rainbow Six on the horzion so make sure to hit that subscrube button ethier here or on youtube for more! Speaking of subscribers a big thank you to everyone as we have now hit over 400 subscribers on youtube! Thank you for your continued support. All for now till next time heres a nice beatuy shot of the last boss in blackwing lair! Enjoy!

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